Saweetie bemoans her ‘crazy’ work schedule

Saweetie Bemoans Her ‘crazy’ Work Schedule Content Exchange

Saweetie barely has time to “eat, rest or see family members”.

The 29-year-old rap star has praised all of the artists who were recently nominated for Grammy Awards – especially as they’re having to contend with a “crazy” schedule.

The chart-topping star explained: “Not all artists show behind the scenes, we literally put in so much time. Our schedules get so crazy because we’re working all night, working all morning. Barely have time to eat, rest or see family members.

“Shoutout to all of the artists that got nominated because getting recognition for hard work is honestly a priceless payment.”

Saweetie also claimed that rapping is a dangerous profession, following the recent deaths of PnB Rock and Drakeo the Ruler.

She told Complex: “I think a lot of people aren’t sensitive to rappers, male or women.

“Not only are we being vulnerable with our stories, it does get dangerous because of some of the environments we are in. I just hope the vibration in the hip-hop community raises, because it’s sad seeing young men pass away at such an early age. They did not deserve that.”

Meanwhile, Saweetie previously revealed that her ambition has been fuelled by sexism.

The rap star – whose real name is Diamonte Harper – has experienced sexism throughout her life, and she remains determined to prove her doubters wrong.

She said: “I’ve always proved people wrong. I’ve always proved men wrong.

“I think that women deal with it, not only in the [music] industry, but in everyday life, you know, not feeling equal or not being respected. So I wouldn’t even put my focus on experiencing it in the industry.

“I’ve experienced sexism all my life, but I think in times like that, it just fuels my ambition to just prove those who may not see me as an equal wrong.”

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