Phil Dunster obsessed with playing with himself on Fifa 23

Phil Dunster Obsessed With Playing With Himself On Fifa 23 Content Exchange

Phil Dunster has been playing with himself “religiously”.

The 30-year-old actor was delighted when ‘Fifa 23’ featured AFC Richmond – the fictional club his ‘Ted Lasso’ alter ego Jamie Tartt plays for on the show – alongside real teams and he has grown obsessed with the game, though he always wants his own player to be the best.

Asked if he has been playing with himself, he told the Sunday Times Style magazine: “Dude, religiously. To the point I worry I have a problem.

“If anyone scores who is not Tartt? I sub them off immediately.”

While it has always been planned for ‘Ted Lasso’ to end after three seasons, Phil is “up for” any further episodes that may be written in the future.

He said: “The party line has always been it was written as three. But it’s still open as to if it’s continued or not, so there is always a possibility. I’m up for whatever comes, to be honest…

“The boys, it’s like a silly summer camp.”

The ‘Devils Hour’ actor admitted since starring in ‘Ted Lasso’, it’s become easier to get work and he has “options” for when the show finishes.

He said: “I graduated from drama school eight years ago. Since then? It’s just been knocking on doors, with people constantly saying, ‘Sorry mate.’ It hasn’t now become, ‘Hey man! Just come in!’ There’s still knocking, but this time the doors are creaking open a bit… This is getting pretty protracted.

“There are options [for the future]. But at the minute, career-wise, I’m a single man.”

Since starring on the show, Phil has taken up playing football more often but he admitted he is more “enthusiastic” than skilful.

Asked if he’s always been good at the game, he said: “I’ve always been enthusiastic. D****** about.”

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