Pet Favorites: Indoor Toys that Your Pup Will Love this Winter

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As the weather gets colder both you and your pup may not want to venture out into freezing temperatures to get some exercise. Staying inside is easy but keeping your dog entertained may come as a challenge.

Finding toys for your pet that are both safe for them and the interior of your home can be tough, but we’re here to help. Below are some of our favorite indoor dog toys that will keep them occupied and will not damage your home. 


ChuckIt! Indoor Fumbler Toys (Football / Roller / Ball)

While indoor toys are a simple solution for avoiding the outdoors during cold days, dog toys can often damage the interior of your home – scratches on the floor, scuff marks on the wall, dents in the fridge, etc. Fumbler toys by ChuckIt help relieve some of the anxiety of playing with your pup inside. These toys are designed for the indoors, your dog will love the soft exterior of these indoor balls and your interior will appreciate it too.


Tug Toy

Now if you have a pet that likes to chew or play tug-of-war, tug toys are the perfect fit and can be fun for both you and your pup. The best tug toys are often made with durable materials like rubber, rope, and bungee cord for long lasting fun. A tug toy can be a great way to provide physical and mental exercise for your pup while indoors.


Christmas Themed Toys

As the Christmas season rolls around, what better gift for your dog than a toy that is fitting for the holiday season. Your pup will enjoy basically any toy that you get for them, but why not a spirited plush Christmas toy that they can enjoy indoors during the winter months. 


Slider Dog Toy

For the dog that will miss chasing others in the park this winter, a slider toy will be the perfect solution. Slider toys slide across most indoor surfaces and are great for stimulating your dog’s instincts to chase.


Squeak & Shake Toy

For the pet that is easily entertained, a squeak and shake toy will keep your pup occupied for hours. Great if your dog wants to play alone or wants to play fetch inside, this type of toy will be safe for indoor use without having to worry about damaging your walls or floors.