Naomi Campbell’s daughter is ‘boss’

Naomi Campbell’s Daughter Is ‘boss’ Content Exchange

Naomi Campbell’s daughter is her “boss”.

The 52-year-old model became a mother to a baby girl in May 2021 and she admitted the tot is currently her biggest source of inspiration and rules the roost in their home.

She said: “My daughter inspires me. She’s my boss now!”

Naomi was answering questions about being a good boss and she thinks listening is a key factor.

Asked what makes a good boss, she told “Listen carefully, and watch. Listen, concentrate, and remember the task at hand.”

And she insisted positivity is essential when leading others because there is “no time” for low moods.

She said: “There’s no time for feeling down. You’re responsible and you’re leading others, so think of your blessings.

“Bringing people together is an important action, without any ego. Look at the big picture when bringing people together, and make sure that you’re getting the message out in the right way, or whatever it is you’re bringing the people together for.”

Naomi never gets FOMO – a term for fear of missing out, meaning a concern that more exciting things are happening elsewhere – and is always guided by her instincts.

She said: “Don’t ever let someone change the way you feel, and when your gut speaks to you, do what your gut feels. Go with your instinct. Don’t second-guess yourself.

“Make and create a good and happy environment for yourself and your loved ones where you’re supposed to be. When I hear people say FOMO, I’m like, ‘FOMO?’ No, I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m good here. I’m content here.”

The former ‘Empire’ actress starts her day with a prayer and tries to let her faith guide her life.

She said: “How do I start my day? With a prayer of gratitude and handing it over and letting things go, not trying to control the outcome.

“It’s easier said than done. Let go, let God.”

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