His time dwindling, 2-year-old wants to celebrate every holiday in a week

His Time Dwindling, 2 Year Old Wants To Celebrate Every Holiday In A Week

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CINCINNATI, OH (WLWT) — “He’s a go-getter,” said Tracy Wilson, of her 2-year-old son Easton.

Just months ago, you would find him running around the yard playing baseball, but now it’s a different tale.

“He can’t put any weight on his legs,” explained Wilson.

Let’s rewind to July: Easton was playing upstairs and fell, hurting his knee.

“He cried for a minute, and I asked if he was OK. He limped for a minute and then he was fine,” said Tracy.

Easton was his normal self for the next few days. But then, it happened again.

“The babysitter called on a Friday and said that he fell just out of nowhere, in the house, and it looked like his knee was kind of swollen. Because we had told her that he had fell,” said Tracy.

Tracy’s husband, Jerry, picked Easton up from the babysitter’s, but as the day continued, Easton was out and about in the yard, running around with his pals.

“The next day we woke up and he couldn’t walk on it and it was swollen,” said Tracy.

She continued, “I had to go to work that day, so I went ahead and went into work and he [Jerry] took him to Anderson Urgent Care, because I thought maybe he just bruised his knee or I don’t know did he tear his ACL? Can they do that at 2?”

As the day continued, Tracy received a call from Jerry, saying she had to leave work because a tumor was discovered in Easton’s knee.

“So I left, they rushed us down to Cincinnati Children’s and when we got there, the whole oncology team was there waiting. And they told us that he has osteosarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer,” said Tracy.

The family was admitted to Children’s that night and they started chemo a few days later.

“We did a round of chemo treatment and it didn’t help. It didn’t respond to the chemo,” said Tracy.

A follow-up PET scan showed the cancer had actually spread to his lungs, his other knee, his foot and shoulders.

The family was told they could try a trial, another round of a different chemo or just make Easton feel comfortable.

“We decided to try the other round of chemo, so we started that three weeks ago. It’s helped with the pain, that’s a lot of reasons why we were doing it again, for the pain,” explained Tracy.

Tracy said the swelling has gone down a bit from this different type of chemo, however, they won’t know if the cancer is responding for a couple of weeks.

“We asked them, you know, I know they can’t tell me but, ‘How much time?’ Because Christmas is coming, his birthday’s in February, my daughter’s birthday was coming up. And the doctor basically said, ‘I wouldn’t see February,’” said Tracy.

Now, Hospice has been called in to take over.

“It’s watching your worst nightmare… it’s hard. I don’t wish it on anybody,” she continued.

With Easton’s time dwindling, Make-A-Wish stepped in.

His wish? To celebrate different holidays for a week – his birthday, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Easter and Thanksgiving for one last time, culminating with a Christmas parade this upcoming Tuesday.

“My hope is that he will enjoy every minute of it,” said Tracy.

A time to celebrate life and an escape from hospital stays and treatments.

“It’s pretty important to us because we want to spend as many holidays with him as we can,” said Tracy.

Because time with Easton means everything.

“We take our precious hour by hour. And cherish every minute of it,” said Tracy.

To help Easton celebrate, we need your help! We’re gathering Christmas cards for him to be delivered to him during Tuesday’s Christmas party and parade.

You can send your cards to either WLWT or Make-A-Wish.

WLWT Address:
Easton Wilson c/o Alanna Martella
1700 Young Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Make-A-Wish OKI Southern Ohio Region Address:
Easton Wilson c/o Amy Merritt
4500 Cooper Road
Suite 304
Cincinnati, OH 45242