Hairs of the dog: Brushes, rollers, vacuums help control pet dander

Pet owners love their furry friends, but the pet hair left behind is another story.

If you’re spending a lot of time removing fuzzy buildup when you’d rather be spending it with your pet, investing in a few cleaning products will make your life a bit easier. Here are some tips, including four recommended pet vacuums to use.

Grooming your pet’s coat‌

One of the best times to tackle pet hair is before it ever makes its way onto fabrics and flooring.

  • Pet brushes‌: You can accomplish this goal in a few minutes each day with a brush that’s designed especially for use on animals. A brush with soft, flexible bristles is versatile and works on dogs and cats of all ages.
  • Undercoat combs‌: Some breeds, like Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds, have a top coat and a dense undercoat that provides protection from the heat and cold. An undercoat comb or rake safely and effectively grabs undercoat hairs before they shed.
  • For long-haired breeds‌: Slicker brushes are great for pets with long coats, as they’re designed to grasp hairs and remove them before they tangle or fall out. There are models available for dogs and cats, some with convenient self-cleaning mechanisms.
  • For pets who don’t like to be brushed: A grooming glove with flexible rubber nubs captures shedding hairs with a simple petting motion.

Keeping fabrics hair-free

  • For the home‌: Pet hair rollers use either refillable rolls of sticky papers or tiny nylon bristles for quick hair removal.
  • For your clothes‌: Smaller rollers are great for clothing, and can even be stashed in your car, handbag or office.

Cleaning hard flooring‌

The secret to preventing fur tumbleweeds on hard flooring is a versatile mop. Go for one with disposable microfiber pads that grab pet hair, and that emits steam for cleaning dirt.

Robotic mops are available to do the work for you, or a simple broom and dustpan is perfect for quick cleanups.

Vacuuming away pet hair‌

No pet owner can be without a reliable vacuum, and pet hair models have powerful brush rolls, roomy dirt cups, on-board tools and strong filtration systems to manage dander.

Lightweight cordless models offer easy transport to any area of the house. A simple handheld vacuum is super easy to pull out and tidy up specific areas in between full vacuuming.

If you’re looking to remove pet hair without actually touching a vacuum, then a robot vacuum is for you, so you can focus on your fur baby, not fur cleanup.

Four recommended pet vacuums:

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