Hailey Bieber’s latest Rhode product smells like her wedding cake

Hailey Bieber’s Latest Rhode Product Smells Like Her Wedding Cake
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Hailey Bieber’s latest Rhode product reminds her of her wedding cake.

The 25-year-old model’s beauty brand is launching the vanilla cake-flavored Peptide Lip Treatment on November 22, and she is reminded of the heavenly scent of her cake that was made for her nuptials to pop star husband Justin Bieber in 2018.

She told Refinery29: “[It] was vanilla on vanilla, but with a little bit of a spiced filling and it was so good, it was literally the best vanilla cake I’ve had in my entire life.”

When it comes to keeping her lips soft, Hailey insisted “nonstop moisture” is key.

Sharing her tips, she told the publication: “Honestly, I’m not a big lip mask person. The lip treatment is my lip balm, lip mask, lip gloss — this is my everything. I do struggle when it starts to get cold and sometimes you get that layer of weird, dry skin and nothing can get it off. Sometimes at night what I’ll do is when I’m using a thicker moisturiser — like a thicker, balmy rich type that really packs a punch of moisture — I’ll put it all over my face and then put it on my lips and seal it in with peptide lip or something of that sort. Other than that, if I exfoliate my lips, I only do it gently with a warm washcloth because my lips are really, really sensitive. They’ll swell up from anything they don’t like, like spicy food swells up my lips. I try to treat them really gently. And moisture nonstop.”

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