Eva Longoria credits healthy skin to being mum

Eva Longoria Credits Healthy Skin To Being Mum
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Eva Longoria credits her healthy skin to being a mum.

The L’Oreal ambassador, 47, who had her boy Santiago ‘Santi’ Enrique Bastón in 2018, said she now has more time for “self-care” as parenthood has forced her to make her day more structured.

She told the Daily Mirror: “Things have got easier since I’ve had him. He’s the priority, so I’ve been able to say no more. My days are very structured now.

“It’s made me very efficient with my time, even my free time. So of course there’s time for me because I’ve budgeted for it. I’ve already set aside time to read, to meditate, to work out, to eat well, to do my skin regime. That to me is self-care, not just going to a spa.”

As well as taking care of herself with L’Oréal, Eva’s “I’m worth it” regime includes addressing changes to herself she notices in her 40s.

The 47-year-old added about ageing: “I didn’t feel as good, I wasn’t sleeping well.

“I had my blood analysed and they’re like, oh you need more vitamin B, magnesium and things. I take a lot more supplements now.

“That’s in the last few years, and it’s made a difference in my energy and brain fog. It’s all interconnected, so once I’d evaluated and course-corrected, I noticed a big change.

“When I wake up I’ve got to be present, I’ve got to keep going – as all women do. Not just famous women.”

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