David Gandy stopped collaborating with M S as they were trying to compete ‘with likes of Primark’

David Gandy Stopped Collaborating With M S As They Were Trying To Compete ‘with Likes Of Primark’
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David Gandy stopped collaborating with Marks Spencer as he felt they were trying to compete “with the likes of Primark”.

The supermodel, 42, partnered with the supermarket chain for six years on items including suits, pyjamas and the fastest-selling swimming trunks in the store’s history.

He told the Daily Telegraph on Saturday (05.11.22): “My line was the most expensive they did. I’ve still got the jackets, but then they went in another direction… competing with the likes of Primark.

“Whereas if you look at their food, that’s premium and everybody loves it.”

But David credits his work with M S with teaching him how clothing is made, which helped him launch his ‘David Gandy Wellwear’ line.

He added: “There’s no way I could have launched my own brand before. I didn’t know anything about margins or lead times.”

The model, who has two daughters with his barrister girlfriend Stephanie Mendoros, also insisted he only works out 45 minutes a day five times a week – and eats 4,500 calories daily in healthy food – to maintain his physique for shoots.

He added when asked to outline his daily and gym routines: “I don’t stop between 7am and midnight.

“(The gym is) five times a week for 45 minutes.”

David also said his workouts involve only weights with no cardio, which he gets from walking his dog Dora.

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