Buying Guide: These seal and pour food storage clips will keep dry goods fresh

Buying Guide: These Seal And Pour Food Storage Clips Will Keep Dry Goods Fresh


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If you’re looking for a better alternative to flimsy chip clips to keep your dry grains, nuts, and cereal fresh for longer, these smartly designed food storage clips are the perfect solution. With an innovative pour top, they make it easy to save and serve your favorite snacks.

How It Works

This set of 6 food storage clips beats standard chip clips for convenience. The flip top seals in the freshness of bagged goods while also making it easy to pour directly from the bag without the mess. They’re perfect for dry staples like rice, quinoa, dried fruit, nuts, and oats. They’re also a great gift for bakers since they make pouring out flour easy and neat.

Turn a Bag into a Bottle

Unlike standard chip clips, these pourable food storage clips allow you to access food without completely opening the bag. The tighter seal means food stays fresher for longer while the pour top effectively turns any bag into a bottle.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers are raving about these food storage clips. One reviewer mentioned how affordable this food storage solution was at $20 for 6 pieces. Other reviewers used these clips to make breakfast a breeze by attaching them to cereal bags and pancake mix.

Seal Pour Food Storage Bag Clips available from Amazon