Buying Guide: Increase work-from-home productivity with a second monitor

Buying Guide: Increase Work From Home Productivity With A Second Monitor


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When you’re working from home clicking between tabs, Excel sheets, Zoom calls, Slack channels, and emails can quickly get overwhelming. If you find yourself losing your place in your work or getting distracted while trying to complete a task, a second monitor could be the solution to increasing productivity.

How It Works

This slim 1080P portable monitor will instantly transform your workstation for under $200. The monitor can be paired with a variety of devices, from your laptop, phone, or PC for work to your PS4, Nintendo, or Switch for relaxing after the job is done. It comes with a leather stand cover to prop up the monitor while you work and store it safely away while you travel. The built-in speakers make it easy to tune into virtual meetings while you type notes on your main screen.

Lightweight & Portable

If you don’t have a designated home office, the ability to pick up your work and move around to quieter parts of the house can be an important part of work-from-home productivity (especially if you have children). This lightweight second monitor weighs just 1.37 pounds.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers love this affordable second monitor giving it an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Not only was it a hit with work-from-home employees—it also gained approval from those who traveled frequently for business for the slim, lightweight design. Customers also liked that it took just seconds to set up with a USB connector. It also helped reduce time spent clicking between tabs and eye strain for several customers.

Auzai Portable Monitor 15.6-inch Ultra Slim available from Amazon