Ashley Graham SHOCKED by baby twins bond: ‘I thought that they were going to be more into each other’ Content Exchange

Ashley Graham thought her twins were “going to be more into each other”.

The 34-year-old model – who has Isaac, two, and five-month-old twins Malachi and Roman with husband Justin Ervin – always assumed that her baby boys would be more reliant on each other, but that has not been the case, so far.

Speaking about her twins, the brunette beauty explained: “I thought that they were going to be more into each other. I thought that because they were in my body together for so long that they were going to need each other.”

Ashley has learned over the last few months that they “don’t have to be together all the time”.

She told E! News: “I was almost afraid to not have them sleep in the same crib. And I think that they were actually happier when I put them in different cribs because they were like, ‘Finally I have some space, jeez.’ They don’t have to do everything together.”

Ashley admits the challenge of raising three young boys with the help of her husband has been a “wild” experience so far.

But the model is also enjoying the responsibility.

Ashley – who married Justin in 2010 – shared: “It helped already having one kid, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Everything is double or triple at this point, and it’s wild but it’s so fun.”

By contrast, Ashley recently confessed to suffering “mom guilt” when she returned to work.

The catwalk star has also become more concerned with her own time management since having twins.

Ashley said: “How I navigated my return to work after the twins is hard to say, because I didn’t jump back into a nine-to-five.

“After three months, I started travelling and leaving them for overnights. I definitely had a little mom guilt, but I’ve been pumping a lot more and having to navigate schedules a lot more.”

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