2020 Watch: Is Biden remaking the Democratic coalition? And other questions for the week ahead.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Presidential politics move fast. What we’re watching heading into the final full week of the 2020 campaign:

Days to general election: 8


The narrative

Welcome to the final full week of the election. Anxiety on both sides is spiking with so much uncertainty heading into an Election Day like no other.

The coronavirus pandemic is raging again, raising serious health concerns for those who want to vote in person. Each state has its own inconsistent and confusing patchwork of ballot access laws that raise the prospect of intentional or unintentional voter suppression. And Russia and Iran are back actively interfering in the election’s closing days.

On paper, Democrat Joe Biden continues to lead President Donald Trump by a significant margin nationally, but polling suggests the race is tight in key battlegrounds like Florida, Arizona and North Carolina. Some Democrats are worried that Trump’s toned-down debate performance last week could push the race closer.

Meanwhile, Trump is racing across America to reach as many voters as possible — the pandemic and public health guidance notwithstanding — while Biden sticks close to home, relying on surrogates like former President Barack Obama to energize targeted groups of Democratic voters.


The big questions


The final thought

We already know that most voters don’t trust Trump on the coronavirus, but any credibility the Republican president had left on the subject took another hit over the weekend as a new outbreak swept through the office of the vice president.

There is no good time for something like this, but it comes a week before the election as Trump insists that the pandemic is improving. That’s simply not true by any objective measure.


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