10 flicks to celebrate Halloween: Tricks, treats & cinematic creeps

Tricks. Treats. And no Michael Myers? Sorry. Let’s offer what film buffs call a “spoiler.” While the masked Michael is hot property again this month in “Halloween Kills,” we didn’t put Haddonfield’s infamous killer on our list of top things to watch for Halloween.

John Carpenter created Michael Myers when he wrote, directed and scored the very best Halloween movie of all time — the original “Halloween” from 1978.

Michael Myers became a horror icon. And so did Carpenter.

In fact, with “The Thing” and “The Fog” and “Prince of Darkness” horror fans can argue Carpenter is the penultimate director of horror films perfect for the Halloween season.

No argument here. Watch all those movies this spooky season.

But we had other goals in mind for this list of 10 flicks for Halloween. We want to scare you and make you laugh, help you remember movies you loved, and, maybe, leave you with a sense of dreadful wonder after watching something you’ve never seen.

Most of all, we want to offer a few options for you and the kids you know. Halloween, after all, is for the kid in all of us.

Photos courtesy of the studios.