‘I went crazy’: Police find handwritten note at N. Spokane murder scene

‘I went crazy’: Police find handwritten note at N. Spokane murder scene
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Inmate photo provided by the Missoula County Jail. 

“I went crazy” read a handwritten note taped to the wall near Alyssa Dodd’s body.

New court documents filed on Friday detail the gruesome scene where the 20-year-old woman was found dead last week.

The Spokane County Medical Examiner ruled Dodd’s death a homicide and said she died from blunt head injuries. Nineteen-year-old Bryce Thompson, who was identified as her boyfriend in court documents, is now the primary suspect.

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Police responded to a home in the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood on July 17 for a report of a dead body. Court documents show Dodd, her sister and Thompson all lived there together.

Dodd’s sister told police she left the home earlier that day to go to the store. When she got home, she went downstairs to find Dodd’s body in the bedroom she shared with Thompson. Court documents state Dodd’s sister attempted to give her CPR, but was too late.

She told police Thompson had been “acting weird” earlier that day and said Dodd was not feeling well. She said Dodd and Thompson had been dating for somewhere between six and eight months, and Thompson had moved in as soon as they started dating.

A neighbor told police he saw a man fitting Thompson’s description leave the home that afternoon. He said the man started walking away, but then turned around and got inside a car. According to court documents, that car matches the description of Dodd’s sister’s car, which has now been reported stolen.

Dodd’s sister’s boyfriend, who also lives at the house, later reported that $4,000 was missing from his bedroom after Thompson left the house.

Court documents show Dodd’s sister has surveillance cameras around the house. She said they feed live video to her cell phone, but she was unsure if they were recording at the time of the crime. She told police the video may have been stored in the Cloud.

Police searched the home and found the note taped to the wall. They also found a bloody trailer-hitch ball mount at the scene. Court documents show police believe it may have caused the blunt head injuries cited by the Medical Examiner.

Thompson was taken into custody in Montana and is currently being held in the Missoula County Jail on $1 million bond.