‘I thought everyone was dying’: Spokane family relives horror of stabbing intruder in self-defense

SPOKANE, Wash. — Broken glass and blood cover a Spokane family’s back porch in the Lincoln Heights area, reminding them of the horror that unfolded Monday when a stranger broke into their home, threatening to rape the woman inside as she and her daughter were locked in a bedroom.

The family, who did not want to be named, said it started with a knock at the door. The woman told police the man at her doorstep, later identified as Nicholas Abraham, demanded $800 to get to Las Vegas. She told 4 News Now she stalled him, then closed the door and called the cops, then her daughter. Once her daughter got to the house, she said Abraham came back and the two ran to her bedroom.

According to police reports, the man threw a brick through the bedroom window. Little did he know, the woman was armed with a knife on the other side of the wall. Once he broke in, she said she stabbed him three times in the chest – but that didn’t stop him. She told police when he came back, he was threatening to rape her, so she stabbed him two more times before Spokane Police arrived and arrested him on their back porch.

The woman’s wife, who we will refer to as “Jane,” said she was at work during the break-in and when her daughter called to tell her, she was hysterical.

“My daughter was just screaming, screaming into the phone… and I didn’t know what was wrong, but she said something about ‘he got in, he got in,'” she said. “I thought everyone was dying… I just wanted to touch them and hold them and hug them… I was just thinking, ‘my whole world is over.'”

Jane said even though she wasn’t home, she also feels violated by the break-in.

“I mean, you think the danger is on the road or you know, somewhere else. But sometimes it’s in your home,” Jane said. “Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or you live in a big mansion, that’s your solace. That’s your safe place. And I wasn’t even here, and I feel like it’s just not that anymore.”

Abraham was arrested on charges of first degree burglary with sexual motivation and vehicle theft, since police say the car he used to get to their house was stolen from Wendle Motors.

Jane and her wife slept at a hotel Monday night. She said her wife and her daughter are physically okay, but it is an entirely different story when it comes to their mental health. When 4 News Now knocked on their door Tuesday, Jane said her wife was so scared, she hid. Now, they’re looking into therapy.

“If you have kids, sometimes just hold them for no reason,” she said. “Some man might take them away from you.”

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