‘I should do that today’: Community lends a hand to people stuck in the cold

Erick Peck

SPOKANE, Wash.– People in the Spokane community are stepping up to make sure everyone has a warm place to stay as the extreme cold hits.

That includes Erick Peck, who said he was inspired to give by a feeling last night.

“My car said that it was four degrees and I just kept thinking like, I can barely walk out to the car. How do you people manage who have to live in these conditions?” Peck said.

Then, he saw a post online from Spokane Quaranteam calling for people to help people without homes stay warm.

“I thought ‘Yup, that’s what I should do today,”‘ Peck said.

So he spent his morning driving around Spokane handing out blankets and bus tickets to people who needed them. His boss at BECU donated beanies to also hand out. Peck did more than just giving. He also made sure he let them know where they could go to get warm. That includes the warming center set up at the Spokane Convention Center.

“When he was talking, he sounded like he could barely speak because I think he’s just very hungry and very cold so who knows, that might’ve saved his life,” Peck said after donating to someone.

He said talking to people and seeing what they’re going through was eye-opening.

“I appreciate the help out here, the resources, the bus passes,” said one man who needed a bus pass. “It makes a big difference and I’ll be heading there [warming center] tonight for sure.”

Peck said he was thankful to make someone’s life a little easier.

“I’m really happy I came out to do this today,” he said. “People who don’t have homes, they need to be visible. We need to be able to see them. They are members of this community and we need to care for them like they are.”

The City of Spokane says anyone who would like to contribute can donate socks, hats, gloves and hand warmers to the Cannon Street Shelter at 527 S. Cannon St.

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