‘I need to run again so I can do the work I want to do’: Woodward says she’ll run for second term

Spokane's new mayor explains plan to follow through on campaign promises
Nadine Woodward

SPOKANE, Wash. — Less than two years into her first term as mayor of Spokane, Nadine Woodward told a podcast last week that she plans to run for a second term.

“First half of my first term has been co-opted with a pandemic,” Mayor Woodward said on the Sac and Jack Podcast. “I need to run again so I can do the work I want to do.”

The podcast, hosted by former Gonzaga basketball player Rob Sacre and former KXLY journalist Jack Ferris, covered a wide range of topics from the pandemic to plans that were in the works for a victory parade if Gonzaga would have won the national championship.

Woodward talked about the challenges of stepping into office only to have a global pandemic end up on Spokane’s doorsteps a few weeks later.

Woodward was a longtime Spokane journalist before running for mayor in 2019. She defeated then-city council president Ben Stuckart in her first bid for public office.

In the podcast, Woodward said she wants to focus the rest of her first term on economic development and emerging from the pandemic. She also said she wants to continue working with regional partners on the homelessness issue. She called her own election in 2019 “a referendum on the homeless issue.”