‘I feel rather threatened by that’: Boundary County Library Director shares fear of extremism


BONNERS FERRY, Idaho — The director of the Boundary County Library announced her resignation, citing threats and extremism that have gone on for months. This is related to a group’s effort to remove members of the library board of trustees, and it started months ago.

“In February we had one mom, in particular, come in concerned we were going to get the title ‘Gender Queer’ in the library,” Library Director Kimber Glidden told us.

Glidden wouldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t get it because she wasn’t sure what it was. She explained that if they had many requests from the public to get the book, they’d be obligated to review it and consider including it.

A collection of LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and Black Lives Matter books are causing a stir nationwide.

“It’s important to note we don’t have a single title that is part of the national dialogue in our library. We have a conservative library because we serve a very conservative population,” Glidden explained.

A local group aiming to recall board members want to guarantee these books will never make it to their local library shelves, which they refer to as “pornography.”

“I can’t state enough we do not have pornography in the library,” Glidden said.

Meanwhile, she told us she’s been dealing with threats and intimidation for months.

“When somebody tells you biblically that if you do evil, the thing to do is put a millstone around your neck and throw you in the river, I feel rather threatened by that,” she explained.

The recall group is only one of a few different issues they’re hoping they can work through.

“We have many things of concern that endanger our ability to keep the library open,” Lee Colson, Zone 5 Trustee for Boundary County Library, told us.

They’ve lost insurance due to increased risk factors and they’re dealing with a tort claim, from a personnel issue.

The recall group would need enough signatures to get a vote on the ballot to recall the current board members.

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