‘I couldn’t be prouder’: Spokane’s Hull twins return home for NCAA Sweet 16 tournament

SPOKANE, Wash. – It’s a sweet homecoming for the Hull twins who play for Stanford University. They’re getting ready to play against Maryland in the Sweet 16 on Friday.

Before they made it to the Spokane Arena, making it this far in the NCAA tournament, Lexie and Lacie Hull dominated the Central Valley High basketball court.

Dad Jason Hull says it’s come full circle for the twins as they get ready to play as seniors for Stanford right in their hometown.

“It’s very, very exciting. I don’t think you could have a better ending to their storybook careers. It’s just going to be fun, electric, exciting,” Jason said.

The twins’ love for sports, basketball specifically, span years. That hard work and determination started when they were young girls in elementary school.

“We’d get free throws in before school some days. I think that just really started our love for the game and wanting to be the best we can be. That carried all the way until now,” Lexie said.

The two had a reunion not only with their dad on Wednesday but with their dogs, too. Their mom Jaime was traveling so they hadn’t seen her until Thursday night.

“Right when we got to the hotel, my dad showed up with two of our dogs. We spent some time with them, had them in our room, running around, jumping on the bed,” Lexie said, following up with an apology to the hotel if that’s not allowed.

The Hull twins took a stroll down memory lane through downtown Spokane, feeling that nostalgia in the Spokane Arena as well.

Four years ago, the twins played in the arena as seniors with the Central Valley Bears in the Stinky Sneakers.

“We were walking through the halls and was like this looks familiar. It doesn’t feel like four years ago that we were here. I think that’s crazy how fast time has just been flying by but the atmosphere is great. We’re excited to get playing,” Lacie said.

Their years of dedication and their love for basketball brought them back home, feeling as determined as ever to advance and go on to win the national championship like they did last year. But this year, as seniors.

They’ll have many family and friends in the stands cheering them on in their hometown.

“It’s exciting. It’s nice to reap the rewards of such hard work they put in since they were five, six years old,” Jason said. “I couldn’t be prouder. Both of them for what they’ve done on the court, off the court.”

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