Hundreds turn out to protest, support, second Drag Queen Story Hour at the Spokane Public Library

There weren’t the same crowds as the Spokane Public Library’s first planned Drag Queen Story Hour held last weekend at the South Hill library, but the contentious event still drew out hundreds to both support and oppose it.

“It is buffoonery,” said Kim Hall, a member of the 500 Mom Strong group. “It’s just not right. Drag Queens are grooming young children to that lifestyle, and that lifestyle is unhealthy.”

Protesters were kept separated by Spokane Police, those against, on the South side of Main behind the post office and the corner of the mall, and the supporters crowded onto the sidewalk by the library.

“I am so happy and jubilant, and joyous to have this happening,” said Poison, a drag queen who joined supporters of the event, “I wish I had this growing up.”

She said the drag culture is misunderstood, and mis-characterized by the protesters.

“It is really empowering to me, it allows me to be vulnerable, because I have a hard time with that,” she said. “I get to do songs that really mean a lot to me, and I get to show that wherever you come from, you can do amazing things.”

But the protesters said a DQSH shouldn’t be held at the public library.

“Let little kids be little kids, don’t bring this up now,” said Hall.

In responding to protesters accusing the group of being close-minded and bigoted, she had this response.

“Are we going to be tolerant of everything?” she asked. “What’s next, bestiality?”

Protesters were heavily outnumbered by supporters of the event, with many on both sides showing up hours before the reading, which was scheduled for 2 p.m.

Children and their parents who attended the DQSH had to go through security before being let into the library.

As a difference from last weekend’s event, this weekend, not only did a drag queen read and dance for the children, but a drag king, as well. They were both met with excitement and applause.

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