Hundreds of SPS students out of class due to vaccine paperwork; 23 citing personal MMR exemptions

The number of Spokane Public Schools students without proof of immunization paperwork dropped to 196 on Tuesday.

Spokane Public Schools initially asked 323 students to stay home from class on Monday because they did not have the proper immunization paperwork turned in to school.

SPS Spokesperson Brian Coddington said fewer than two dozen of those students indicated personal or philosophical exemptions from the new Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccination law.

Washington state law indicates that parents cannot exempt their children from the MMR vaccine because of personal or philosophical beliefs. Medical and religious exemptions are still allowed.

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Coddington said the district has sent letters to families, along with phone calls. Last Friday, each student on the list was given a packet of information to take home.

Coddington said the number of students being excluded is expected to drop as families get their paperwork in order.

The district said the number has continued to drop over the past week; early last week, the number of potential students to be excluded was more than 900. By Friday, that number was down to 400.

Coddington said about 100 families came to school Monday with paperwork and were allowed into class once it was submitted.

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