Report: 2,248 fires caused by people in the Northwest

PORTLAND, Ore.– A new report shows a shocking number of fires in the Northwest were human-caused.

That number is 2,248. It breaks down to 868 in Oregon and 1,560 in Washington. That translates to more than 76-percent of fires, according to statistics that come from the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center.

The NWCC reported the number of human-caused fires in the Northwest was 3,170.

So far this year, the number of fires started by lightning has been 750.

This year’s fire season started months earlier than usual because of the historic drought conditions. That has left firefighters worn out and thinned out resources.

Here are tips on preventing wildfires:

  • Avoid starting outdoor fires
  • Don’t park vehicles on grassy areas
  • Make sure dirt bikes and ATVs have operating spark arrestors
  • Create defensible space around your home
  • Reduce dry fuels around your home
  • Clean rooftops and gutters
  • Limb up your trees and remove dead branches
  • Pay attention to and abide by burn ban restrictions

The NWCC is the geographic coordination center that deals with Washington and Oregon. It serves as the focal point for interagency resource coordination, logistics support, aviation support, and predictive services for all state and federal agencies involved in fighting wildfires.

You can find more wildfire information on the NWCC website.

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