Here’s how many Washington state workers will keep their jobs after the vaccine mandate deadline

OLYMPIA, Wash.– There is now a clearer picture of how many Washington state employees stayed at their jobs and how many left since the vaccine deadline passed.

The deadline for state employees to be considered fully vaccinated was Monday, Oct. 18. Data from the Washington Office of Financial Management showed nearly 92-percent of state employees either got the vaccine or got an exemption and were approved for accommodation. That means they can keep their jobs. The number breaks down to show 89.4 percent of state employees are fully vaccinated and three percent got an accommodation.

The data showed 1,887 either left or lost their jobs because of the mandate. That’s about three percent.

Nearly five percent of employees are pending action. That means they are in the process of being vaccinated or are pending retirement, accommodation or separation.

The data uses a “current headcount” figure of 61,404 for the state agencies affected by the governor’s mandate.

Washington state employee vaccination report for Oct. 18, 2021 by Tasha Cain on Scribd

These numbers are based on the latest data available to the Office of Financial Management and could change. Another update from the Office of Financial Management could come later this week.

On Tuesday, Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward shared a statement on the city’s compliance with the state’s vaccine mandate and its impact on EMTs and paramedics one day after the deadline.

Mayor Nadine Woodward said the city “acted in accordance with the state mandate.” She said the decision on how it would be followed wasn’t easy and she respected the choices of everyone involved.

You can watch her full statement here.

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