How to treat and prevent black fly bites this season

How to treat and prevent black fly bites this season
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Right now, we are in peak black fly season. You probably see them buzzing around, but don’t even notice since they are small and look similar to other types of flies.

Black flies are not venomous, nor their bites painful. However, their bites usually cause bleeding which makes people wary of them.

These flies like to go to sweaty areas on the body, so try to cover heavy sweat producing areas like the back of the neck.

If you do get bit, don’t worry. Use bug ointment or an antihistamine if needed and make sure you keep the area around the bite clean. Bites can get infected if care isn’t taken.

Rescue, a local pest prevention business, creates clips with essential oils that keep black flies and other insects like mosquitoes away.

Prevent a bite:
Rescue created clips (GoClip) with essential oils that keep the black flies and other rude insects away. @kxly4news

— Nikki Torres KXLY (@NikkiKXLY) May 20, 2019

You can find their products at local stores.

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