How to stay safe in an active shooting

In light of Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida, KXLY gathered some tips on what to do if you find yourself involved in or near a shooting.

“What is the world coming to? Why do we have so many people willing to take the lives of other people?”

Those were questions asked five months ago by Spokane native Ted Eldridge. At the time, Ted was puzzled over October’s Las Vegas shooting. This week, following the 18th school shooting of the year, his concerns stand up.

KXLY caught up with Eldridge outside of an “Active Shooting Safety” presentation led by Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Johnston.

“The key elements are to learn to recognize when you’re in a dangerous situation and what could be a threatening situation, and make a decision,” said Deputy Johnston.

If you find yourself involved or near a shooting, Johnston wants you to remember the following words: Avoid, Deny, Defend.

1) Ideally, AVOID the shooter. Have an exit plan, and get as far away from the threat as you can.

2) If you can’t get away – DENY. Create barriers to prevent or slow down the threat from reaching you.

3) Finally, if you come face to face with the person trying to hurt you; DEFEND yourself.

“This is information that could mean the difference between you getting out safe, or getting hurt,” said Deputy Johnston.