How to protect your pets from the summer heat

Dog Park Best Practices For New Pet Owners
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SPOKANE, Wash. — As the weather warms up in the Inland Northwest, it’s important to keep the protection of your pets in mind.

The Spokane National Weather Service shared a few ways to keep pets safe with higher heat exposure.

Remember, if the ground is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, it’s too hot for your pets’ paws. If you can’t hold your hand to the ground for seven seconds, it’s too hot to take your dogs on a walk. When it’s too warm during the daytime, consider taking walks earlier in the day or in the evening.

Also, make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water, as it’s easy for them to get dehydrated in the sun.

And seriously, do not leave your pets in the car. It’s easy for them to overheat since car temperatures exponentially rise when they’re off, especially in the heat.

Pets love the sunshine, so keep in mind when it can be too much for them.

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