How to prepare in the event of a Red Flag Warning

It’s a warning you hear often in the Spokane area during the summer, but what does it mean and how does it impact you as a homeowner?

Red Flag Warnings are issued when our area experiences relative humidities under 20 percent, temperatures warmer than 80 degrees, and winds stronger than 20 miles per hour.

A combination of that weather brings with it the heightened chance for fire to spread if something were to spark.

The warnings are issued by the National Weather Service Office, and are meant to prepare you so you can protect your home from the potential threat of fires.

So, just what can you do in the event of a Red Flag Warning?

First thing’s first: You’ll want to turn on your sprinklers and make sure a hose is easily accessible. Make sure to get rid of any combustible items close to your house. That includes firewood, dead branches, and any trash in the surrounding area.

During fire season, Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said, it’s always best to be in the Level 1- be ready- phase.

That means getting paperwork ready, medications, pet food, and anything else you’ll need should you have to up and leave at a moment’s notice.

“We’ve got two more months of intense activity that’s going to occur,” said Schaeffer. “I would much rather people in Spokane County be ready than to have an unthwarted event where someone gets hurt or loses their life.”