How to plan around this weekend’s thunderstorms

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SPOKANE, Wash.– June is usually a time for getting outside and enjoying everything the Inland Northwest has to offer. However, for this coming weekend, that looks pretty difficult. Rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Best time to be outside

Several waves of rain and storms will push across the region starting Thursday night and not ending until we get to Monday. Friday evening looks like a stormy washout, Saturday morning looks drizzly, and most of Sunday looks wet too. That leaves Saturday evening as the best time to be outdoors. It’s probably our best shot at some sunshine this weekend, too.

Afternoon *boom*

Thunderstorms don’t last very long, but they can make a wreck out of things. Thunderstorms are likely for the next few days. In the afternoon and evening, remember that when thunder roars, it’s time to head indoors. The free First Alert Weather App will alert you if lightning is close by.

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The storms this weekend are going to be laden with some extra moisture than is typical for June. Rain will be fast and heavy and could cause minor flooding. Never attempt to drive through flooded roads. You don’t know what the road looks like under that water!

If you don’t mind some drizzle and would rather not bother with the rain gear, the morning hours are a better bet for walking the dog, running errands, or going out to eat this weekend.

Pack a sweater

If you’re more of an ‘anytime, rain or shine‘ person, it’s worth bringing a sweater anyway to your activities. The nice 70s temperatures we’ve seen in the past few days are going away again. Highs will only be in the low 60s. Without much sunshine, high humidity, and rain it might feel a little colder than the air temperature would suggest.

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