How to keep your cat happy

How to keep your cat happy

We all want our pets to be happy. Follow these tips to help make your cat happy at home.

Keep him active: Make sure your cat is getting enough exercise. Cats love to chase and pounce. Find some toys that your cat loves to chase to provide some mental and physical activity for your pet. Try to add some variety to the activities to keep your cat interested each day.

Set up playdates: A lot of cats are more content when they are around other cats. If you are able to own more than one cat, that’s great, otherwise try to socialize your cat via playdates with other cats.

Give him places to climb, hide: Cats need places where they can climb, play and hide. Cat trees are popular with a lot of cat owners, but if that doesn’t work for your home you can get creative with your furniture to create a fun space for your cat. Also try to make sure your cat has a spot where he can look out the window. This will keep him occupied watching the outdoors.