How to deal with a flooded home

How to deal with a flooded home

Preparing for potential flooding ahead of time can be a big help in the long run.

If you arrive home to see your house or basement has flooded, you may not even know where to start.

“Many times they’ve never dealt with water damage before,” said Jarod Robb, project manager with ServPro, “We deal with it every day.”

Companies like ServPro specialize in flood and fire damage.

“I work together with the homeowner, the insurance company and our technicians to determine the best course of action dealing with water damage,” said Robb.

They have the tools, sump pumps and carpet driers, and can help you handle the mess.

“The typical water damage we’re able to get everything extracted, depending on the size of the job that day,” said Robb.

With rivers and stream rising across the region, you may want to have a game plan in case your home floods.

“So far this year we’ve dealt with a lot of basement flooding, outside water coming in,” said Robb.

If you’d rather plan to deal with flooding on your own, you may have some trouble finding the right equipment.

“People have been coming in and calling for sump pumps, gas powered pumps, dehumidifiers, carpet driers, any kind of machines that move air,” said James Kelly with Sun Rental Center.

Sun Rental Center is down to one small sump pump and one carpet drier… and don’t home your breath that more will be available. With more rain expected, the rental center has actually had to start a wait list.

” We have a list going for submersible pumps,” said Kelly.

How ever you plan to deal with the potential flooding, start preparing now because cleaning up this kind of water damage will usually be on the homeowners dime.

“Unfortunately ground water coming in is typically not covered by insurance unless you have flood insurance which typically you have to be on a flood plain,” said Robb.