Here’s when and where you can get your COVID vaccine in WA

Phase Finder
PC: Washington State DOH

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington has formally moved to Phase 1B of its vaccine rollout plan, which now grants eligibility to any Washingtonian above the age of 65 or anyone above the age of 50 living in a multi-generational household.

The Washington State Department of Health has launched the Phase Finder tool to help you determine when will you be able to get a vaccine and the site also provides information on where vaccines are available.

The state expects to begin Phase B2 in February, which will include high-risk critical workers over 50, as well as people working in agriculture, food processing, grocery stores, education, corrections and public transportation. Phase B3 will include people ages 16 or older with two or more co-morbidities or underlying conditions and Phase B4 will include high-risk critical care workers under 50, as well as people working in correctional facilities, in group homes for people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness.

Future phases have not yet been outlined by the state, but are expected to begin in May or later this fall.

Understanding Phase Finder

The new guidelines still leave many in the dark as to when it will be their turn, which is where the Phase Finder tool comes into play. But how does it work?

The site walks you through a series of questions, like where you live, how old you are, and whether you’re able to work remotely during the pandemic.

Once you answer those, it will tell you your eligibility to receive the vaccine. Say you’re in your 20s, have no pre-existing health conditions, live alone, and are currently working from home. The website will take your contact information with the promise to get ahold of you when your turn comes. The latest updates to the site will also provide information as to where you can be vaccinated.

Where do I get my vaccine?

There are a few ways you will be able to get your vaccine once you become eligible.

  • Mass distribution sites — the state has also arranged a handful of mass distribution sites, including one at the Spokane Arena, which is now managed by the Department of Health. LEARN MORE
  • Your primary care clinician — they will email you or call you to set up an appointment
  • Your local pharmacy — the Phase Finder tool includes more than 2,400 Washington pharmacies that have signed on to administer vaccines. The site will show you where vaccines are available

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