How many Spokane-area firefighters have filed for a vaccine exemption?

Spokane Fire Department Fire Engine 10 Station
Spokane Fire Department
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Time is running out for state employees and health care workers that are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine or face getting fired.

Unless they have an exemption.

That’s what some firefighters in the Spokane area are hoping to do. Their deadline to send in exemptions was Sept. 3.

The Spokane Valley Firefighter’s Association has 170 union firefighters. Twenty of them filed for some kind of an exemption.

For the Spokane Firefighter’s Union, 50 members have filed for a religious exemption and two have filed for a medical exemption.

Exemptions are still being processed.

Under Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine requirement, state workers and people working in both private health care and long-term care facilities have until Oct. 18 to get their final dose.

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