How Hoopfest helped a local man go from homelessness to entrepreneurship

How Hoopfest helped a local man go from homelessness to entrepreneurship

There are about 6,000 teams participating in Hoopfest.

Along with each team, each player has a different story, but this one is about an underdog off the court.

Kevin Schmieder loves two things– craftsmanship and basketball. Five years ago, he had neither.
Schmieder embarked on a special journey joining other homeless men to take the Hoopfest court as a sponsored team of Blessings Under The Bridge.

After years of distress and recovery, Schmieder now has a home of his own with his wife, as well as the fulfillment of a life long dream; owning his own hardwood flooring business.

Schmieder has gone from homelessness to entrepreneurship in the past five years, but it all began with him getting a chance to shine on the court and a second chance to get his life back under control.
And that all began with Hoopfest, so now Schmieder is returning the favor.

Schmieder is sponsoring the Blessings Under The Bridge team this year as he celebrates his road to recovery by offering a helping hand to those still in need.

Players on the team will each receive $100 to get their own pair of basketball shoes as well as $20 per day to spend on food.

Along with that, players on Schmieder’s team will get their own full uniform and a two-night stay at a hotel.

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