How beauty supplies are helping local women in crisis

Many of us feel helpless when it comes to helping victims of domestic violence. One local organization is making it easy for you to make a difference in someones life by donating the things so many of us take for granted.

Project Beauty Share was founded in 2010 by a local woman who’s worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years. What drives her is making people feel beautiful and worthy, despite what they may be going through.

“I’ve always felt that makeup is medicine,” said Julie Farley, Founder of Project Beauty Share.

Julie Farley has seen first hand how makeup can change a woman’s life.

“I feel that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, but not all the women that we serve have the funds and resources to do so,” said Farley.

Many of these women include victims of domestic violence.

“Many of these women are leaving maybe with just their purse, so they’re very vulnerable,” Farley said.

It may be all they have left. That’s why Farley decided to quit her job as a makeup artist and start Project Beauty Share.

“I just thought it was unacceptable that you cannot use food stamps to purchase personal hygiene products, let alone makeup,” said Farley.

Project Beauty Share collects makeup, personal hygiene and beauty products and distributes them to non-profit organizations in the Inland Northwest and across the country.

Many of these non-profits serve women and families overcoming addiction, abuse, poverty and homelessness.

“It helps with dignity and respect when you can get products that help you feel beautiful and clean,” said Erin Williams Hueter, Director of Lutheran Community Services Northwest.

It may seem small on the surface, but for victims of domestic violence, it’s much more than that.

“They’re thrilled that there are actually women that care about them,” said Farley.

It’s not just makeup that they’re in need of. They can really use things like tampons, toothbrushes, and even toothpaste.

You can drop off donated items to their main location at 2718 E Sprague Ave, Spokane WA 99202. You also have the option of donating online.