How- and where – police caught three Spokane teens on a statewide crime spree

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Three teen girls from Spokane are in jail facing serious charges over a crime spree that started in Spokane and ended in a Bellevue nail salon. 

Police say they robbed multiple women and used stolen credit cards to fund their crime-filled cruise across the state. 

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The girls, who are only 16 and 17 years old, are now facing felony charges which could stick with them into adulthood. 

“The victim described being tackled rugby style, knocked to the ground,” said John O’Brien with the Spokane Police Department.  

A young woman had just gotten off work on Friday and was headed to her car in downtown Spokane when police say she was violently robbed by the three teenage girls.  

“One of the suspects put her knee across the victim’s throat and held her there for about 30 seconds until they were able to get the keys from the victim,” said O’Brien.   

The girls stole the car, jumped on I-90 and headed for Seattle. 

Police say, at one point, an officer tried to stop them but the girls were able to get away. 

Bellevue police say the teens committed more crimes Saturday- including theft, robbery, assault and hit and run.  

Then, on Sunday, they led police on another high-speed chase on I-90, escaping once again. 

By that point, they were running low on gas money. 

“Apparently a plan was devised to get money which they went to a Home Depot and tried to do a strong arm robbery of a female in the parking lot,” said O’Brien. 

Police say they stole a woman’s purse, knocked her to the ground, and ran over her arm. 

“They were able to take that victim’s purse, they used the credit cards to purchase gas and go to a nail salon and have their nails done,” said O’Brien. 

Receipts from that nail salon show the girls spent a total of $175 on the woman’s credit card. Little did they know the Bellevue police were closing in. 

“One of them was still in the process of getting their nails done when they were taken into custody,” said O’Brien. 

The three girls are being charged with 1st degree robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, and criminal conspiracy. They’ll have to answer to those charges in Bellevue before returning to Spokane County Court. 

Since they are minors, police are not releasing their names.