Housing complex for local homeless families closer to reality thanks to $5M grant

Housing complex for local homeless families closer to reality thanks to $5M grant
Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

The Gonzaga Family Haven project is one step closer to reality thanks to a new $5 million grant.

The grant, made possible by the Bezos Day 1 Families Fund, will go toward a new housing complex that will provide supportive programming to more than 70 homeless families in northeast Spokane.

The complex is proposed for the corner of Hamilton and Foothills Drive and is being developed in collaboration with the City of Spokane, which owns the site. Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Preparatory School are contributing community-building assets.

According to a release from Catholic Charities, planners envision Gonzaga Family Haven to be a permanent, compassionate community where families can stabilize their lives through supportive services like on-site case management, access to healthcare, counseling, employment services and other amenities.

The Gonzaga Prep community will support children at Gonzaga Family Haven by offering tutoring and other services, and by welcoming them as students at the school.

“We are thrilled about the opportunities that Gonzaga Family Haven will create for our students to provide meaningful service to the Northeast Spokane community,” said Michael Dougherty, president of Gonzaga Preparatory School. “The goal of our educational mission is to teach our students to be persons for others, who devote their lives in service to creating a more just and loving world. Our community is eager to extend our educational mission in service to the youth who will call Gonzaga Family Haven home.”

Gonzaga Prep, along with Gonzaga University, will provide educational and enrichment programs for families at the complex.

“We are excited at the prospect of engaging our students, faculty and staff in community service learning through this dynamic, promising project,” said Thayne McCulloh, president of Gonzaga University. “Havens are places of safety and refuge. We can do truly meaningful work in this setting – not only to support and impact families, but to help students experience the transformative impact of helping others.”

Gonzaga University hopes to offer youth mentoring and enrichment, community meals and nutritional education, wellness activities and community leadership development.

Catholic Charities said Gonzaga Family Haven will face several milestones over the next few months, with applications outstanding for federal tax credits and Housing Trust Fund support from the state not yet finalized.

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