Housekeeper Fights To Clear Her Name

SPOKANE — A Spokane Valley woman is fighting to clear her name after she was questioned in a elderly Valley resident’s murder and fingered for having played a role in that man’s death.

Housekeeper Teresa Nelson says she had nothing to do with the murder of elderly Spokane Valley resident Ken Cross and the Spokane Valley Police agree. Nelson says her reputation has been ruined after her name was in the newspaper and on television that she was the link between Cross and his alleged killer.

“I just want the public to know I didn’t have nothing to do with this murder,” she said.

Nelson was Cross’ housekeeper and police suspected she told murder suspect David Brewczynski to break into to Cross’ house.

“They kept calling me a liar, I kept saying I had nothing to do with it and they said yes you did,” she said.

Detectives searched her house and car and questioned her over and over but, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Sergeant Dave Reagan there’s “no evidence linking her to the homicide” of Ken Cross.

Reagan added that Cross’ friends and family pointed the finger at Nelson and detectives did find contradictions in her story during interviews.  They also learned she had stolen jewelry from Cross’ girlfriend while cleaning her house. 

However the sheriff’s office is offering no apologies.

“When we tie you to the theft of something and that shows deception being part of your character you forfeit the right to be believed you forfeit to be treated as n honest person. And that’s the way it is,” Sgt. Reagan said.

Nelson says she stole the jewelry because she was desperate and wants people to know she’s found God and has changed.

“I want everyone to know I didn’t have anything to do with it,” she said.