House of Charity suspends meal preparation

House of Charity suspends meal preparation

The House of Charity suspended all meal preparation Monday, due to more residents experiencing flu like symptoms.

Late last year, House of Charity had a norovirus outbreak, and while it has not been confirmed through testing that the virus has returned, the House of Charity is taking precautionary measures.

They said that meal prep will be suspended for at least a day or two.

It may not seem like much time, but the charity said their lunch counts have been averaging at least 300 people.

House of Charity said that they must rely on their city partners like Shalom, City Gate, and Blessings Under the Bridge, to help them out during this time.

And while those organizations deal with the influx of people, they ask you look for ways to help them in the coming days.

House of Charities is working with the Spokane Regional Health District to figure exactly what kind of virus they are dealing with.

Affected residents have been tested and they are waiting for lab results to confirm.

The last time there was a norovirus outbreak, health officials told said there shouldn’t be too much concern to the public.

Susan Sjoberg, Regional Public Health Emergency and Response Manager, explained that “norovirus is easily spread, but is also easily preventable. With good hand washing we can prevent the further spread of this outbreak.”

The shelter says in addition to their regular cleaning procedures they spent the day Sunday sanitizing inside and out.

During the norovirus outbreak, the shelter was sleeping residents in tents, but for now, they say they will continue to sleep people at night unless they are advised otherwise.

We’ve been getting questions about the difference between the norovirus and the flu. Find that information and more about the norovirus, here.