House of Charity officially suspends 24 hour shelter service

House of Charity officially suspends 24 hour shelter service

Spokane’s homeless population always increases in the summer months and it’s expected to get even bigger now that the House of Charity has suspended it’s around-the-clock shelter that served hundreds of people.

The House of Charity’s cafeteria area on the buildings lower floor is where hundreds of people would normally bed down for the night. Men, women, and even some pets were allowed. Now, they’re back on the streets. People like Cheryl Palmer and her boyfriend Ricky Griffis.

“I do know the House of Charity was there for me when I was desperate beginning of January for a place to go,” said Palmer.

“I have stayed there for four years in the past. I have been back there for about 8 months now since November, I have relied on the place a lot in the past,” said Griffis.

It was a place to shower, get out of the elements, but so much more. It provided a sense of dignity.

“It’s just really sad that it has come down to the closing of some place that a lot of people relied on,” Palmer said.

Weeks ago in a press conference, House of Charity President and CEO, Rob McCann, expressed his frustration with having to fight for funding every year.

“We need to have 24/7 homeless sheltering as a fixed permanent line item in the budgets of the city, the county and the valley,” said McCann. “That is what we are asking for. It’s one and a half million dollars and it’s something that gets us a solution.”

There’s no immediate solution. While politicians and charitable organizations look for one, Griffis said the people living on the streets of Spokane will do what they’ve always done: survive and look out for one another.