Hot yoga class bonds mom and son, inspires community to donate

Hot yoga class bonds mom and son, inspires community to donate

When hot yoga helped Jen Ross with some sciatic nerve pain, she thought her son, Caleb, might benefit from the practice, too.

Ross asked Mimi Vimont, who owns and teaches at Beyoutiful Hot Yoga on Spokane’s South Hill, if the 11-year-old could come to the class. He was having all sorts of seasonal allergy issues, and Ross thought the hot yoga room might help clear it up.

A few weeks later, Caleb joined his mom in class. Instantly, Ross could see the effects yoga had on her son. The “allergy mess,” as she called it, was no more, and she could see

Muscle relaxation is a normal result from the practice of yoga, but for Caleb, that’s a big deal. He has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects movement and muscle coordination.

He uses a wheelchair- which is why his mom had asked whether he would be able to participate in the yoga class.

The first time, mom and son mostly laid stationary on the floor. Ross wrote a review of Beyoutiful Hot Yoga online, describing her amazing experience, and expressing a desire to keep hot yoga in her son’s life.

Vimont said she was “humbled’ by the review, and reached out to Ross. She, Ross and Caleb now meet weekly for private sessions, during which he works on several poses and stretches while focusing on his breathing.

Vimont donates her time for Caleb, but regular classes in the hot room come at a cost. In her review, Ross mentioned she might need to take up a part-time job to pay for the classes. Vimont asked the Beyoutiful community for donations and – as of mid-May- between $300 and $400 had been donated to Caleb’s account at the studio.