Hot today then cooling – Mark

Mon Planning

It is sunny and hot today in the forecast! We will reach 90-degree weather for the first time this calendar year, and we will see that later this afternoon.

Mon Mid 12 Hrs

Here are Your 4 Things to Know about the weather this week. It will be very warm across eastern and central Washington, reaching 90-plus in Spokane and triple digits in Central Washington.  It will be windier and cooler on Tuesday before 4th of July weekend.

Mon Mid 4 Things

There is a heat advisory placed in many Central Washington cities, including Moses Lake and the Tri-Cities area.

Mon Heat Advisory

It will be much warmer than normal across Washington, with most places having highs in the 90s. Kalispell is the only place where it will be below 90 degrees for its high, topping off at 85 degrees.

Mon Highs

There will be cooler and still above-average highs tomorrow, seeing almost a 10-degree dropoff in most places.

Mon Tue Highs

The heat from the Southwest moves in today with heat advisories in the central part of Washington. It will be cooling a bit on Tuesday with cooler temperatures on Wednesday. We warm back up for the 80’s for 4th of July Weekend.

Mon Planning