Hot and getting HOTTER! 100°+ in the forecast – Kris

You’ve probably heard the rumors, and they are true: we have triple-digit heat on the way for the weekend.  In the meantime, there are 90s in the forecast for the rest of the workweek.  For Tuesday, expect partly to mostly sunny skies.  Highs will climb into the mid 90s, which is almost 20 degrees above average.  There will be a breeze in the afternoon, but by the time you’re into the mid 90s, that doesn’t do much to cool you off.  It does, however, pose a concern for fire danger.

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The hot, dry, breezy weather will continue for Wednesday. By Thursday, the winds will die down, but the temperatures continue to climb.   Currently, the high is forecast to reach into the 100°+ range by Saturday.  It is very rare to experience triple-digit heat in Spokane in June.  It has only happened five times since 1881.  We could add three more days to that by this time next week.

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