Hopfest beer garden ready to pour

Hopfest beer garden ready to pour

A new event at this year’s Hoopfest will help cool down those 21 and over as Hopfest at Hoopfest will host a beer garden Friday while teams are practicing.

Ten practice courts on Post Street will be ready to play on starting Friday morning so when teams come to sign up they can head to the beer garden and grab a brew before they start focusing on the weekend tourney.

Eight local breweries are taking part in Hopfest, with the $10 admission fee going toward a cup and two drink tickets.

“I think that it’s great. There’s so many people that come into town for hoopfest to not feature and highlight the local wineries, distilleries, restaurants, bars, I think we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot for it,” Emily Schwartz with River City Brewing said.

Taps start flowing at 11 am Friday.