Hope House in need of volunteers before grand opening

Hope House
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SPOKANE, Wash. – Volunteers of America’s new Hope House shelter is in need of volunteers before holding its grand opening event Monday.

The new Hope House, located on Third Avenue, is a new building to help shelter at least 160 people.

There will be 100 beds on the first floor of the building for a temporary homeless shelter, which will only help women. Then, on the second and third floor of the building, there will be 60 apartment units for men and women.

Rae-Lynn Barden, the marketing and communications director for the VOA, said they are in need of volunteers to build bunk beds for the women’s shelter.

They’re looking at a start time of 8 a.m., asking for two hour shifts to help move boxes and put together furniture.

Masks and COVID check-ins are required. Barden says they’re looking for about 15 to 20 volunteers for each day – Saturday and Sunday.

Those wanting to help volunteer can pop in and help at 1301 W. Third Avenue or fill out a volunteer form first, here.

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