Hoopnomics: Hoopfest’s multi-million dollar impact on Spokane

Hoopnomics: Hoopfest’s multi-million dollar impact on Spokane

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Local businesses are preparing to cash in on the world’s largest three on three basketball tournament as 250,000 people converge on downtown Spokane.

Half of those people are visitors who will stay in hotels, shop downtown, eat in downtown restaurants, leaving millions of dollars in their wake.

“It’s our busiest weekend of the year,” Kathy Hutchinson at The Onion said. “Come Saturday if you try to walk in the door we will have a wait list usually an hour or two at a time.”

Josh Wade owns Nectar Tasting Room; you might not associate wine with basketball, but Wade is venturing out of the pinots and appealing to those pint-sized players.

“If you have a family, a young baller out there, you can bring them in and have lunch,” he said.

Nectar is opening up early and serving lunch both Saturday and Sunday, and will also be offering a safe place to store your belongings while you’re out on the court.

“Our hotels will be full, restaurants will be very busy, retail, when you don’t have a game you refresh you shop, the movie theaters will be busy,” Visit Spokane CEO Cheryl Kilday said.

Kilday is estimating Hoopfest will bring in $38 Million to Spokane.

“We love Hoopfest. It is a great weekend, we get to show off our community,” she said.