Hoopfesters battle the heat

Hoopfesters battle the heat

Hoopfesters playing and watching in the sun had to find creative ways today to keep cool.

While players were heating up on the courts, the temperature heated up too.

Denard Sherman from Seattle told us he has a few go-to tricks to beat the heat. “Substitute a lot. Drink a lot of water. Keep myself hydrated. Put a towel over my head. It’s hard, sometimes it gets too hot,” he said.

A 90 degree day means it’s even hotter on the hoopfest courts.

“It’s unbearable. No shade and don’t have much in the way of doing anything to cool down,” said court monitor Sean Shepherd.

Hoopfesters had to try to escape the heat any way they could.

“I’m using this towel, which you just dip in ice and it stays cool for a little while,” said one participant.

“Drinking cold drinks like smoothies and Gatorades, cold water,” said another.

The folks at O’Doherty’s Irish Grill had another idea.

“Pouring lots of beer into lots of glasses.”

But when the heat hits, there’s no better way to cool down than with a sweet scoop of ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s saw record sales at some of their locations yesterday.

“We’re always the place to come after they win or to drown their sorrows after they lose,” said owner Kari Conner.