Hoopfest weekend: It’ll be hot. Drink water.

Hoopfest weekend: It’ll be hot. Drink water.

Triple digit temperatures won’t keep the nation’s largest three on three basketball tournament off the streets but it does have organizers and downtown businesses planning ahead.

“Now is the time to get hydrated,” Hoopfest executive director Matt Santangelo said.

Yes, it’s going to be hot. Maybe even record breaking heat.

“The heat’s not new to Hoopfest, and neither is weather in general. It’s an outdoor event, it’s an outdoor tournament,” said Santangelo.

This year event organizers say they’re doing their best to get water misters, fans and other cooling stations around downtown, but staying cool and hydrated is a team sport.

“Going and buying your court monitor Gatorade is going to go a lot further than yelling at them because they missed a call or something like that,” said Santangelo.

There are some non-traditional ways to stave off dehydration and muscle cramps, one of them being pickle juice. Durkins Liquor Bar in downtown Spokane make their own pickles and brine.

A good way to keep kids hydrated is to give them water saturated fruit like watermelon. Foods like broccoli and kale will also help you stay hydrated. Seafood and broths like miso soup will provide energy. Also stay away from caffeine as it causes the body to expel water. Cold drinks and massages also play good defense when beating the heat.

Looking for some air conditioning downtown? For the first time this year the Bing Theater will host “Oasis at the Bing” with cartoons for kids and adult drinks for mom and dad.

“With that $3 wrist band that you get for entry you can kinda come in and out as you want,” John Rawley with the Bing Theater said.