Hoopfest volunteers celebrate Net Day tradition

Hoopfest volunteers celebrate Net Day tradition

Volunteers hit basketball courts throughout the Spokane area tending to ailing rims and worn out nets. It’s a Hoopfest tradition to put up brand new nets before the annual event.

Each year the to-do list grows but no matter how busy prepping for Hoopfest gets volunteers, board members, and staff all make time for this decades old tradition, Net Day.

“There’s nothing better than knocking down that jumper and hearing the net go swish so that’s what we try to bring to everyone playing ball this time of year,” said Spokane Hoopfest director Matt Santangelo.

The work is tedious and time consuming but for everyone out here, it’s worth it.

“Even as we were leaving, one of the school kids are already going out shooting on the rims,” said Santangelo.,

Even volunteer that have been doing this chore since the beginning don’t tire of climbing ladders to get to the nets.

“I’ve been doing this since year one and I’ve said a million times that I get so much more out of the relationships and the friends and being involved in the community than I’ve ever put into this event,” said Hoopfest board member Hube Langehorst.

Since it’s inaugural year, Hoopfest has grown from hundreds to thousands. This year appearing on a national stage for the first time.

“ESPN SportsCenter is coming to Hoopfest, so if you were on the fence before get registered now because it’s going to be a big year,” said Santangelo.