Hoopfest making back-up plans, just in case

Hoopfest weekend

SPOKANE, Wash. — Hoopfest is keeping their registration open for their June basketball competition, but in light of COVID-19 and stay-home orders, they have set aside a backup date in August.

This year will be Hoopfest’s 31st year, and while the coronavirus has brought much uncertainty about closures, the organization says they are keeping registration open. They are monitoring developments, and still plan to hold the tournament June 27-28, but have reserved August 22-23 as an “alternative date.”

Hoopfest says they will make their ultimate decision by the end of April whether to postpone.

In light of these changes, they are also modifying their “no refund policy”—people can keep their registrations even if the dates are reschuled, request a full refund, or even donate the registration fee to Hoopfest to support them during this time.